Opportunity Services has three locations in Florida: Ft Myers, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, specializing in Supported Employment and Employment Services at all three locations.

5252 Summerlin Commons Way, Suite 101
Ft Myers, FL 33907

644 Cesery Blvd, Suite 350
Jacksonville, FL 32211

3689 Coolidge Court #5
Tallahassee, FL 32311

Meet the staff:

Carrie Haines. Carrie is the Manager of Florida Services and has been with the company since January 2013. Located in Jacksonville, Carrie has 10 years of experience in the Social Services Industry. “I enjoy the ability to be creative, find a solution, and help others each day while working at Opportunity Services.” You can reach Carrie directly at CarrieH@OppServ.org

Susan Slappey. Susan is our Sales and Marketing Manager in Tallahassee. She’s been with OS since August 2015. “I love working with Opportunity Services, it is the best experience I have had. I enjoy working with the clients and helping them make a difference in their lives and also a difference in our community!” You can reach Susan directly at Susan@OppServ.org


Our services in Florida include:

Career Planning: An opportunity to plan and prepare for employment, while continuing to gain skills and job experiences to grow in your career. We can also assist those interested in changing career paths.

Benefits Counseling Supports: Our staff will assist individuals to obtain their personal benefits counseling plan to understand the incentives for going to work under social security and how their benefits may be affected.

Youth Transition Services: An individualized training opportunity for students outside of the classroom based on each individual’s needs. Services include Pre-Placement Training for resume writing, interview skills, finding job applications, handling conflict, managing transportation and more. Students also have the opportunity to experience work through an On-the-Job Training (OJT) or a paid or unpaid internship. This allows students to gain skills, develop appropriate work behaviors and explore careers.

On The Job Training (OJT): A paid work opportunity for a person with a disability out in the community working directly with an employer.

Employment Services (ES): Services provided to persons seeking employment and needing assistance in developing or reestablishing work skills.

Supported Employment (SE): A unique employment service for individuals with significant disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment.

Long Term Supports: Assistance would be provided in various areas including, but not limited to: retraining job tasks, dealing with schedule changes, adjusting to new supervisors, advancing to new job tasks or positions and more. Funding streams for long term supports include Ticket to Work, Medicaid Waiver, Florida Revenue Voucher and private party funding.