Opportunity Services is proud to announce their recent expansion located right in the heart of Springfield, Massachusetts! We specialize in Supported Employment and Employment Services.

1 Federal St. Building 101
Springfield, MA 01105

Meet the staff:

Kathleen Mangiafico. Kat has been with Opportunity Services for one year, since the creation of our Springfield location. She’s been in the Social Services field for over 10 years, and has seen the local community change its perception on hiring people with disabilities. “I work for Opportunity Services because of the accountability. I can hold clients accountable and see them succeed in the workplace everyday.” You can reach Kat directly at

Intake, Evaluation & Assessment: An opportunity for job seekers to plan and prepare for employment through a 2 week on the job work trial. A strengths and needs assessment given upon completion of work trial.

Job Targeted Educational & Skills Training Activities: Through a structured weekly training program, job seekers will learn and improve in many areas needed for competitive employment, including: ADL skills, public transportation proficiency, soft skills communication, computer skills and money management skills.

Job Development & Placement: Employment specialists help job seekers find and maintain competitive employment in a wide variety of fields. They teach the job seeker how to create a resume and cover letter, refine their job search, assist with job applications/follow-up and support them through the interview process.

Initial Employment Supports: Employment support services for individuals working from 31 – 90 days to sustain employment. Assistance would be provided in various areas including, but not limited to: retraining job tasks, dealing with schedule changes, adjusting to new supervisors, advancing to new job tasks or positions and more.