Opportunity Services is proud to announce their recent expansion located right in the heart of Springfield, Massachusetts! We specialize in Supported Employment and Employment Services.

1 Federal St. Building 101
Springfield, MA 01105

Intake, Evaluation & Assessment: An opportunity for job seekers to plan and prepare for employment through a 2 week on the job work trial. A strengths and needs assessment given upon completion of work trial.

Job Targeted Educational & Skills Training Activities: Through a structured weekly training program, job seekers will learn and improve in many areas needed for competitive employment, including: ADL skills, public transportation proficiency, soft skills communication, computer skills and money management skills.

Job Development & Placement: Employment specialists help job seekers find and maintain competitive employment in a wide variety of fields. They teach the job seeker how to create a resume and cover letter, refine their job search, assist with job applications/follow-up and support them through the interview process.

Initial Employment Supports: Employment support services for individuals working from 31 – 90 days to sustain employment. Assistance would be provided in various areas including, but not limited to: retraining job tasks, dealing with schedule changes, adjusting to new supervisors, advancing to new job tasks or positions and more.