Work on your own

Supported Employment Services

We want to do more than provide you with a good job. We want to provide you with the right job – the job that fits you best and makes your life richer and happier.

Supported Employment Services include situational assessments, job placement, job training and youth transition services for individuals with a wide range of disabilities and barriers to employment. Below are some of the specific services we provide:

Situational Assessment

Short term, one-on-one community-based work trial. Through the situational assessment, the employment specialist is able to:

  • Determine your vocational preferences.
  • Assess skills, strengths, and productivity improvement over trials.
  • Identify barriers that may hinder independent employment and provide resources needed for success.
  • Explore what supports and training you will need for employment.

Opportunity Services offers work evaluations in a variety of settings in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Rochester, covering multiple industries including, but not limited to: child care, hotel hospitality/housekeeping, non-profit, office and specific professional settings, manufacturing, retail grocery, hardware and apparel, restaurant, warehousing and more!

Job Placement

If you are ready to work independently and want to have a job of your own, this is the right place to start. The employment specialists help job seekers find and maintain competitive employment in a wide variety of fields. They teach the job seeker how to create a resume and cover letter, refine their job search, assist with job applications/follow-up and support them through the interview process.


@jobs is a paid on-the-job training where you can learn about an industry, employer or job as you gain professional experience. The goal of @jobs is to gain permanent employment.

Job Training

Once you start a job, the employment specialist continues to support you through training and maintaining the job.

Job Training – The employment specialist will provide the on the job training or help the employer train you. They will stay with you until you have completely trained, regularly monitor your performance, and correct it, if necessary. If the duties of the job change, the employment specialist will step in to ensure you are well trained in the new way of doing your job tasks.

Maintaining Your Job – The employment specialist will maintain contact, or follow-up, with you and the employer to ensure you are satisfied with you job. The employment specialist may provide training and/or “refresher” training on techniques for maintaining employment, including: dealing with conflict, changes or personal issues affecting job performance, asking for a raise, career development, or a new job. If necessary, the employment specialist may provide onsite job analysis, consultation, and recommendations for accommodations at the worksite.