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Supported Employment Services

We want to do more than provide you with a good job. We want to provide you with the right job – the job that fits you best and makes your life richer and happier. Our Supported Employment services include:

Career Planning/Job Placement
Employment specialists help job seekers find and maintain competitive employment in a wide variety of fields. They teach the job seeker how to create a resume and cover letter, refine their job search, assist with job applications/follow-up and support them through the interview process.

Job Training
An employment specialist will provide the on the job training or help the employer train the new employee. The employment specialist will stay with the individual until he or she has been completely trained, regularly monitor his or her performance, and correct it, if necessary.

Situational Assessment
Short term, one-on-one community-based work trial. Through the situational assessment, the employment specialist is able to: determine vocational preferences through job exploration, assess skills, strengths, and productivity improvement, identify barriers that may hinder independent employment, provide resources needed for success and explore what supports and training will be needed for employment.

A paid on-the-job training where an individual can learn about an industry, employer or job while gaining professional experience. The goal of @jobs is to gain permanent employment.

Ticket to Work
If work is the right choice for you, the TTW program can provide a vast range of employment services. Services offered include: work readiness, career counseling, resume creation, job development and job placement assistance, as well as long term supports. One can receive some or all of these services from an authorized Employment Network at no cost. Opportunity Services will serve as an important part of the “Employment Team” that will assist on the journey to financial independence.

Benefits Counseling Supports
Our staff will assist individuals to obtain their personal benefits counseling plan so they can understand the incentives for going to work under social security and how their benefits may be affected.

Employment Supports
ES is for clients that need on-going employment supports. Assistance would be provided in various areas including, but not limited to: retraining job tasks, dealing with schedule changes, adjusting to new supervisors, advancing to new job tasks or positions and more.