Why Opportunity Services?

Opportunity Services is where adults with disabilities find pride in a job well done.

At OS, we believe each of our clients is uniquely able.

We provide job placement and coaching to people with disabilities, but our focus isn’t on physical or developmental challenges. We focus on an individual client’s abilities instead. We match each client’s strengths and preferences with well-suited work opportunities in a range of workplaces, including restaurants, offices, hotels, and stores. Our clients work in the communities where they live, not in isolated workshops. We’ve been providing job services for more than 40 years, working with more than 100 partner businesses and thousands of clients.

At OS, we believe a job is more than a paycheck.

Our clients take great pride in being part of a team, in succeeding, in doing a good job, and in making friends. That’s why our clients work on site in their community, not in sheltered workshops.

At OS, we believe that choosing a job is just the beginning.

When we help our clients select an appropriate job opportunity, we set the stage for success. Our job coaches and work team leaders provide clients with the support to create long-term positive relationships.

At OS, we listen to clients.

Our clients succeed when they truly have a say. That’s why we’ve structured our service offerings around choice and preference. Whether our clients are taking part in a community living program, working as a team at a local business or taking on a job assignment on their own, we’re always listening and adapting to our clients’ needs. At OS, listening isn’t just a consideration; it’s a guiding principle.