Employee Success

Opportunity Services recognizes employees in a variety of ways. We highlight employees every quarter for our Mission, Vision, Values Award, which honors employees truly living portraying the mission of Opportunity Services to clients, families and community members. It’s easy to nominate someone: just email Hannah Bauman ([email protected]) with why this OS employee should win!

2019 Staff Anniversaries:

One Year:
Angelia Beyer
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Katelyn Foster
Nancy Frede
Elizabeth Grunloh
Amanda Knutila
Karla Mendoza
Donna Minshew
Emily Mohr
Carrie Neil
Carri Peters
Lyndsey Polzin
Wilbert Radtke
Benjamin Romberg
Kevin Schumacher
Felicia Schwartz
Linda Short
Randy Souers
Glenn True
Denise Wenz

Three Years:
Andrea Brown
Angelena Burgdorf
Dawn Johnson
Mary Kelash
Jodi Steinhofer
Thomas Vail
Heidi Wollschlager

Five Years:
Hannah Bauman
Darby Hill
Melissa Hodge
Elizabeth Hoosline
Kelly Madigan
Connie Parlow
Marissa Roe
Alexandra Ross
Amber Titel

Ten Years:
Steve Hollingsworth

Fifteen Years:
Rachael Stenzel

Twenty Years:
Craig Zack

Twenty-Five Years:
Janice Klinger

Thirty Years:
Judy Eggert