Ann Korecky: 25 Year Milestone with Opportunity Services

Ann25Year  AnnwithSupervisorsandDustin


Last Friday we celebrated Ann Korecky’s 25 Year Milestone with Opportunity Services at the Rochester, MN site! Ann spent the afternoon celebrating with clients, staff and members of the leadership team, including Jake Schuller and Nancy Gurney, pictured above right. Ann has been a valued employee with Opportunity Services when she started as a sub in 1989. In 1992 Ann became a fulltime staff member in one of our first community living programs focusing on the de-institutionalization of adults with disabilities in Dodge County. Formally trained as a nurse, Ann has always shown dedicated care and clear communication with clients and their families. Throughout the years Ann has continued her journey with Opportunity Services, from direct care staff to site supervisor to her current position of regional manager of Day Training and Habilitation. Her organization and diligence show in her ability to run OS sites successfully. She has a no-nonsense attitude that helps her staff feel motivated to keep their sites running smoothly.

“Ann demonstrates the values of Opportunity Services everyday in her interactions with clients and families. She has gained the extreme trust of the people she assists,” said Nancy Gurney, President of Opportunity Services. “She is one of our best assets and we value all that she has brought to our organization throughout the years.” Jake Schuller, Opportunity Services Vice President, has had the privilege of working with Ann for many years remarked, “Ann is the standard which other staff are evaluated, including myself. She is an excellent role model to all those around her.” Dustin Thompson, Opportunity Services Director who was hired by Ann when he started at OS said, “Ann has a true client first mentality and engrains the importance of programming, pushing clients out of their comfort zones, quality engagement and community integration. She believes in her clients and helps her staff get the best out of them.”

During Friday’s celebration, many clients spoke of Ann’s dedication and compassion over the years. Several mentioned how they could not imagine Opportunity Services without Ann! It is easy to see how the success of the Rochester and Kasson sites have been greatly impacted by Ann’s presence. In part because of her outstanding leadership skills, Opportunity Services will begin building a new site in Byron, MN soon due to increased client need. We are excited to expand our sites in Minnesota with such a strong Opportunity Services team!