Brandon’s Success in the Warehouse

Meet Brandon, a 19-year-old Warehouse Worker at Midway Iron in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Brandon started in a temp-to-hire position with Midway Iron in Fall of 2017 and was hired on following his initial training. He works fulltime or more each week, always eager to pick up Saturdays and help anytime it’s needed!
Brandon is a jack of all trades at Midway Iron. He does many different tasks to complete customer’s orders: driving the forklift, using complicated saws and cutting machines, utilizing the torch to cut steel and more. His job is very complicated and detailed, but Brandon rises to the challenge. On a typical day, Brandon moves around 4-5 tons of steel!
When Brandon was initially hired, he shadowed veteran warehouse workers to learn the tasks and details on-the-job, now Brandon is the one helping newcomers when they first get started. Because he likes working with his hands, Brandon never complains about the work. He truly enjoys staying busy and working overtime when needed.
Mary Kelash, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist, has seen a lot of growth in Brandon since he started the job. “His customer service skills have done a complete 180! At first, he was timid while helping customers,” said Mary. “But now he is quick to welcome them when they arrive to the warehouse and enjoys assisting them through the ordering process.”
The sky is the limit for Brandon! His success in this detailed and physically demanding job proves he could handle anything. Midway Iron is happy to have such a dedicated employee and Brandon is happy to be busy on-the-job- this story is a win-win for everyone involved!