Business Partner Highlight: TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx has been an amazing business partner with Opportunity Services since 2013. We started working with TJ Maxx in St. Cloud, MN and have since expanded to 7 other locations across Minnesota!
We now have work teams at TJ Maxx locations in Rochester, Coon Rapids, St. Louis Park, Burnsville, Eagan, St. Paul and we’ll soon have a new location in Plymouth, MN. The work teams are comprised of at least 6 clients and a job coach, although that varies store to store. At the beginning, the Opportunity Services teams were responsible for dusting the racks, shelves and furniture areas, sizing clothing on the racks, unpacking merchandise from the truck and cleaning both the break room and fitting rooms. Now the job has expanded to include those duties are more- some clients have the opportunity to tag the clothing and set up merchandise on the sales floor! The work teams stay very busy while they’re on-the-job and really love being at TJ Maxx. They enjoy working directly with the other employees of TJ Maxx and interacting with customers on a daily basis. We’re grateful for this ever-growing business partnership with TJ Maxx and happy to fulfill their business need!