Business Partnership Success Story: Comfort Inn Rochester, MN

JeffComfortInn2 ComfortInnGroupPic

The Comfort Inn located in Rochester, MN has been an amazing business partner for Opportunity Services for almost 20 years! Currently the Comfort Inn employs a supported employment client and two work teams. For almost 6 years, Jeff (pictured above left) has managed the breakfast bar every other day for three hours in the morning. It’s his job to make sure everything is ready for hotel guests, monitor the breakfast bar and clean up after breakfast is done. Lisa Lundquist, Employment Specialist with Opportunity Services, supports Jeff on-the-job when needed. Sometimes Jeff joins the Opportunity Services work teams after his breakfast bar shift is done if there are enough rooms to clean. Jeff is not shy when it comes to why he loves his job- his co-workers! He also cleans the Opportunity Services site in Rochester three afternoons a week. In his free time, Jeff participates in countless Special Olympics sports including: running, swimming, karate, volleyball, bowling and more! He has many trophies but his favorite is his brand-new trophy for karate: which is about as tall as he is!

The Comfort Inn also employs two Opportunity Services work teams. Two job coaches bring up to 10 clients along to clean hotel rooms. The OS clients love working at the Comfort Inn because the staff is welcoming and makes them feel like part of the Comfort Inn family. Jeana Weisner, Head Housekeeper said “the Opportunity Services team is amazing and we couldn’t imagine not having them work here.” The Opportunity Services work teams include some individuals with increased behavioral needs. Because the Comfort Inn is such an amazing business partner, the job coaches can feel more at ease bringing clients with additional needs to the job site.

Bill Weese, General Manager of the Comfort Inn is also the Chair Person for the Opportunity Services Board of Directors. Bill got to know the Opportunity Services work teams before joining the board four years ago. “The Opportunity Services team contributes to our hotel in countless ways. They are an upbeat and happy bunch of people. Our guests and staff comment on how they enjoy seeing them here.” Thanks to the successful partnership with the Comfort Inn, Opportunity Services continues to offer our clients meaningful job opportunities in the Rochester community!