Chad’s Success at Walmart

Meet Chad, a 45 year-old in Sartell, MN. Chad has lived in the Sartell area since High School. After a car accident, his life changed dramatically but he has never let it slow him down. Chad utilizes a wheelchair and is Quadriplegic, not Paraplegic, meaning in addition to no control of his lower body, he has very little to no control of his upper body. Chad attended St. Cloud State University and graduated in 2007. Following his graduation, his Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor asked him to attend a Consumer Choice Job Fair with all the local employment vendors. He saw Opportunity Services and has never looked back! Before his accident, finding a job was so easy for Chad, but after was a different story. “Phone interviews went well, but once they saw my wheelchair, the only question they had was: what can he even do?” said Chad. “It didn’t matter how well my interview went, the wheelchair was all they saw.”

It took a year and a half of job searching, with countless applications and interviews, but Chad was finally offered a job! He was hired as a seasonal employee at Walmart and hoped it would become long-term employment. It did! Chad became a jack-of-all-trades at Walmart, working not only in the seasonal department, but also as a People Greeter, inventory control, produce and more. Walmart did make several accommodations for Chad, including allowing him to wear different pants, hang his vest on his wheelchair and wear his badge on a lanyard versus pinning on his shirt.

This summer, Walmart changed their job descriptions and Chad was transferred to the store in Little Falls as a People Greeter. While he doesn’t necessarily enjoy the commute, he is staying positive and enjoys being employed. He was pleased to find out that a few of his new employees were his co-workers at Walmart before! The store has also been willing to schedule longer shifts for Chad so he still works 25 hours a week without driving every day.

Lots of exciting things are happening in Chad’s life! He recently moved into a renovated house and got engaged to his former Personal Care Attendant. He never lets anything slow him down! Chad has an awesome sense of humor that has helped him preserve through a long job search and accommodations to follow. He goes above and beyond not only on-the-job but in all aspects of his life!