Chris found success at Liberty’s Restaurant in Red Wing, MN

Meet Chris, an individual in Red Wing, MN who works at Liberty’s Restaurant as a dishwasher. Chris began her employment journey with Opportunity Services in March 2018. At first, Chris was hesitant to work because of her 8-year-old son’s school schedule- she wanted to make sure she could find a job that fit perfectly with his schedule. When Chris and Linda Short, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist, started working together, Chris wasn’t quite ready to work. Chris spent some time working at the Opportunity Services site in Red Wing doing janitorial work, but it wasn’t the right fit. Linda and Chris decided it would be best to put her case on hold for 120 days.

After that break, Chris came back a totally different person! Her husband had obtained a new job with a schedule change so Chris felt more confident in her job search. “There were no more excuses from Chris- she was a totally different person and completely ready for work,” said Linda. Once Chris and Linda got back into the job search the second time, a job was found within a month! Chris has a lot of previous restaurant experience including dishwashing, hosting, bussing, and more, which made her a great candidate for the dishwasher position at Liberty’s. Her interview went well and Chris was hired on the spot!

Chris has been working at Liberty’s now since October 2018. She loves that her work schedule fits with both her husband’s and son’s schedules, and that she is already home from work by the time her son gets off the school bus. Chris really enjoys the atmosphere at Liberty’s. “Everyone is friendly and kind. The work environment at Liberty’s is upbeat and truly makes all the difference at work,” remarked Chris. She often helps with other areas of the restaurant too if they need it, which provides a lot of variety on-the-job.

Congratulations on your employment success, Chris! All of us at Opportunity Services are happy that you’ve found such a positive and upbeat employment fit.