Client gains confidence in the community with the assistance of OS!

Paige PaigeMail

Paige is a 22-year-old client in Blaine, Minnesota. She joined Opportunity Services in June 2014 as part of the Enhanced Behavioral Program. Prior to working with OS, Paige had a lot of reoccurring behaviors. It was very difficult to encourage Paige to be out in the community.

After the Opportunity Services staff got to know Paige, they figured out ways to help her join in outings in the community. When Paige doesn’t like something, she will sit down and refuse to do anything. So the OS staff started giving Paige an iPad to play with during outings so she could distract herself. One day Paige went to Walmart with the OS staff and another client. Both Paige and the other client didn’t like to go out of their comfort zones, but were very well behaved during their outing! When Paige was dropped off at home the OS staff informed her mom that she went to Walmart.  Paige’s mom, Natalie was amazed and informed the staff that she hasn’t been able to get Paige to go into a store since she was 3 years old!

This past May, Natalie and her family took Paige to Como Zoo for her birthday. It was the weekend before Mother’s Day so the zoo was very busy. Paige did an amazing job walking from the car to the zoo. When they arrived inside, Natalie decided to rent a stroller so Paige could comfortably visit the whole zoo throughout the day. The stroller rental is not only inside a busy building in Como Zoo, it’s actually located within the toy store! Paige did a great job waiting for the stroller, and didn’t become distracted by the busy building or the toys. “Going to Como Zoo was a great success for Paige,” said Natalie, Paige’s mom. “Before working with OS, we would have never even thought to bring Paige into the busy building, but because her comfort level in the community has increased, we were able to successfully spend the day at Como Zoo.”

Now Paige will participate in various outings throughout the Blaine community with OS, including: the mall, Target, Walmart, local parks, etc. She enjoys getting to ride in the van and interact with community members. While this may seem like a minor accomplishment to some, this is a great accomplishment for Paige and her team! Opportunity Services’ commitment to helping clients engage with their local community is making a big difference in the lives of our clients and their families.