Client Highlight: Cassie Cares, Celebrating Four Months As A Personal Care Attendant



Cassie, a Supported Employment Client from Coon Rapids, is celebrating 4 months working as a Personal Care Attendant. In her position, she is responsible for the daily care of her clients. With her current client, she spends time chatting, playing cards, and keeping a watchful eye out over her client to ensure she can assist if any medical issues occur. Cassie has been trained so she is able and ready to assist her clients should they experience any medical issues.

Her path to employment began when she was a student at Transition Plus. She took a course where she became a certified Personal Care Attendant. After beginning working with Opportunity Services, she traveled with her job coach, Ashley Autio, Vocational Evaluation Specialist, to job fairs where she found the company she was interested in working for. Her job coach worked with her to ensure she had a smooth on-boarding process with her company. Then, Cassie and Ashley worked together to identify potential clients within her company that would be a good fit. Cassie interviewed with her client and was hired to be the client’s Personal Care Attendant. She spends a couple of days a week with her client. Her favorite part about her job is how easy it is to get along with her client.

She is thankful for the assistance that has been offered to her through Opportunity Services in securing and maintaining independent employment. Going forward, she is hoping to expand her client base and continue to expand her skill set. Cassie refuses to be held back from chasing her dreams. She is hoping to soon enroll in a Veterinary Assistant Program to become a Veterinary Assistant. In the meantime, she is hoping to begin a second job working in a clothing store while she is working towards her certification.

Another strong interest of Cassie’s is writing poetry. She enjoys writing poems and sharing them with her family and friends. One of her long-term goals is to publish her own book of poetry. Cassie considers herself to be a ‘typical Minnesota girl.’ She enjoys spending time with her group of friends. One of their favorite activities to do as a group is to go out and do karaoke at local establishments. Congratulations on a strong 4 months of employment, Cassie!