Client Success Story: John Barnes in Fridley, Minnesota


John Barnes, a 21-year-old Opportunity Services client, works part time at Lorenz Bus Company in Fridley, Minnesota. As a Bus Paraprofessional, John rides along on two routes during his workday, where he assists children with disabilities so the bus driver can completely focus on driving. Previously John spent time volunteering at a homeless shelter working with children. Other volunteers mentioned his natural ability with kids and suggested he figure out a way to work with children. With that as motivation, John collaborated with Opportunity Services to find employment through the @jobs program. During the interview with Lorenz Bus Company, they were so impressed with John and his skill set that he was hired on the spot without using the @jobs training period! John has been working as a bus paraprofessional with Lorenz for over 4 months now and enjoys serving the children on his routes with his bus driver, Wendy.

To learn more about our @jobs program, please contact Rachel Majerus at [email protected]