Client success at Walmart!


Jim is a 36-year-old client with Opportunity Services. Currently he is working at Walmart in Eden Prairie with the assistance of Opportunity Services following a successful work evaluation. This is quite incredible for a young man who couldn’t walk until the age of 10! Michelle Barlow, a counselor with Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services, has assisted Jim in his employment journey for a few years. After a few unsuccessful attempts at employment due to a lack of hours or fit, Jim was looking for a new opportunity. Jim and his mom, Pat were hoping to find an employment agency that offered a personalized choice and long-term supports, while Michelle was hoping Jim could have an work evaluation to figure out what type of job would be the best fit.

Michelle remembered hearing about Opportunity Services during a team meeting at her office and shared her thoughts with Jim and Pat. They were more than willing to give OS a shot and good thing they did! Jim started working with Opportunity Services during a work evaluation and was on-site at two different jobs: Walgreens and TJ Maxx. Following his evaluation he was deemed “competitively employable” and Opportunity Services helped him obtain his current job at Walmart. Jim cleans throughout the store and helps with carts. “Jim is doing extremely well and takes direction. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help with the store. He is a true rock star and I’m very proud of the work he is doing,” said Debby Tiller, manager at Walmart.

Everyone has been impressed with Jim’s progress since working with Opportunity Services, including Michelle. “I would definitely work with Opportunity Services again,” said Michelle. “They have been nothing but easy to work with and are extremely efficient at placing people in job opportunities.” Jim loves his job at Walmart and looks forward to going to work. Opportunity Services mission is to assist people with disabilities in finding meaningful employment in the community; Jim is a great example of why we do what we do! Congratulations on your employment success, Jim!