Coffee Shop Success in Wabasha, MN!

Meet Jesse(pictured above middle), a 21 year-old in Wabasha, Minnesota. Jesse works at the Eagle’s Nest Coffee House where he cleans the bathrooms, sweeps and mops the floors. Jesse has been successfully on the job for over 3 months now. He works 3 days a week for 2 hours but hopes to have more hours in the summer once the coffee shop is in its busy season. Jesse originally came into the Eagle’s Nest looking for a tuna melt and decided to apply for a job right there on the spot!

“Jesse has such a fun sense of humor,” says Teresa Indrehus, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist. “Every time I come to visit I can tell how fun he is and how he keeps everyone laughing. There’s never a dull moment with Jesse around!” This job at the Eagle’s Nest is a great opportunity for Jesse to gain confidence in this community since he moved here recently from Winona. When he first started on the job, Teresa helped him create a massive checklist of his daily duties. Now Jesse knows the job so well that he no longer needs the checklist- he just gets right to work! Java Jim and Jan are the owner’s of Eagle’s Nest: “Jesse is doing a great job,” says Jan. “He’s very focused and listens well. We are very happy to have Jesse here.” Jesse truly enjoys work! He is quick to share how wonderful his work environment is- his bosses are great and he has become friends with all of his co-workers.

Jesse’s long-term goal is to keep working at the Eagle’s Nest and continue to have big adventures. In his free time, Jesse likes to exercise at the local gym, listen to country music, read the bible and help on the family farm. He also loves to knit and sew! Congratulations to Jesse on his employment success- we look forward to seeing you flourish at the Eagle’s Nest!