Continued Success at Walmart!


Walmart South in Rochester, Minnesota has been a great business partner for Opportunity Services over the last 3 years. There are 6 clients who are independently hired at Walmart under the supervision of an Opportunity Services job coach.  Zach (pictured above left) has been working at Walmart for over a year now as a cart pusher and he absolutely loves it! He enjoys working outside and helping customers when needed. Before working at Walmart, Zach was working with the TJ Maxx work team. He enjoyed his job there, but was ready for more of a challenge! When he came to Walmart, he had to complete a new training but passed with flying colors. Zach originally was scheduled to be in the maintenance department, but Walmart saw his true strengths and moved him over to Cart Pusher. Thanks to Walmart, Zach is successful on-the-job!
Josh (pictured above right) is another Opportunity Services client at Walmart. He gets to work in the bakery department! During his shift, Josh bags up the products, stocks the bakery shelves and prices the items. He’s also learning how to cut bread for customers, write on the cakes and take phone orders. Josh also worked on the TJ Maxx work team before moving to Walmart. Josh truly enjoys his job, “I really like my OS teammates and all my co-workers.” Jill Phillips is the Opportunity Services job coach at Walmart. “Walmart is a great place for our clients to work. They take the time to get to know all their employees and offer them positions in the store based on their strengths and weaknesses.” Thanks for creating such a positive work atmosphere, Walmart!