Double the employment success in Cannon Falls, MN

Meet Shane, a 21 year-old in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Shane is successfully employed at not one, but two jobs in the community! Shane was part of the STEP Program in Red Wing, where he gained professional experience through many volunteer and job opportunities. He worked at the Red Wing High School as a dishwasher and realized he really liked it!

After graduating from the STEP Program, Shane applied for jobs and landed his two employment opportunities right away with the assistance of Opportunity Services. Currently, Shane works at Cannon Falls Elementary School throughout the week as a dishwasher and food assistant. He really enjoys serving lunch to the students, especially since 2 of his nieces and nephews attend the school! Shane is very engaging with the children, getting down to their level to speak with them and ask how their day is going. He greets all the students by name and they’ve given him the nickname, Mr. Hotdog.

When he’s not working at the school, Shane works at Subway. It’s the perfect fit for him- he wanted to work every day of the week and he already has a job during the summer when school is out. Shane rides his bike or takes the public bus to work on the weekdays. Because of his positive and upbeat personality, many of his co-workers offer to drive him home if the weather is bad. “Shane has a wonderful personality,” says Teresa Indrehus, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist. “I can tell how much he brightens up the environment at both of his jobs. He is an inspiring individual to work with.”

Shane currently lives at home with his mom but eventually he would like to get his own place. He is happy to have two job opportunities that help him pay bills and save money for the future. In his spare time he likes to play guitar, dance to awesome music and play games on his PS3. Congratulations on your employment success, Shane!