Fort Myers, Florida client receives 10 year award from Walmart


PJ Deguzman, an Opportunity Services client in Fort Myers, Florida recently received an award from Walmart celebrating his 10 years of service. PJ has been a Garden Center Attendant since 2004 at the Cape Coral Walmart. He enjoys working so much that he hesitates to slow down even when his job coach, Darlene Free visits! Over the years he has improved at Walmart, now feeling more comfortable assisting customers and asking if anyone needs help. Currently he is trying to memorize plant names and key characteristics of each one.

PJ is well deserving of this award. In June, PJ was asked to help find a lost boy during a shift at Walmart, during his mid-day break. He willingly joined the search and eventually found the boy in the restroom, reuniting him with his family. This is just one example of when PJ has risen to the occasion at Walmart. “PJ is a great asset to Walmart. He brings such a great attitude to the team and does what is asked every time without fail, “said Denise Parks, Walmart Zone Manager. “Everyone loves him here at Walmart and I wish every employee was as positive as him!”

PJ is no stranger to awards. In May of 2003, Governor Scott visited Fort Myers to celebrate a major win for people with disabilities: an additional $36 million was allocated for state services. During the Governor’s visit, he spoke about PJ and his success working at Walmart over the years. Because of this, it’s no surprise that PJ would be awarded a plaque for his 10 years with Walmart. Congratulations, PJ- keep up the good work!