Opportunity Services Recycling Technology and giving back in Costa Rica

The idea to reuse, reduce and recycle continues to become more popular in today’s society and many hope to reduce their carbon footprint to ensure the longevity of the world for future generations. Opportunity Services decided to adopt this mantra from the beginning of its inception. Having donated older technology, office supplies, etc. to local nonprofits over the years, this year Opportunity Services decided to take it to a global level!

In June, Nancy Gurney, President and Founder of Opportunity Services, and Craig Zack, Vice President, along with their families, traveled to Costa Rica to donate 50 iPads. “We were pleased to be able to donate these iPads to students in need,” shared Nancy. “We could no longer utilize them at Opportunity Services, but instead of recycling the parts, we wanted to go the extra mile and donate them to a worthy cause.”

Nancy came up with the idea to donate the iPads and thought Costa Rica would be the perfect place. They have the infrastructure and Wi-Fi capacity to make the technology useful at their local schools. One of the barriers was time, as it takes several hours to reset so many iPads. Craig and his wife graciously offered to reset the iPads, in their free time, to their original factory settings and performed the needed updates to make them useful in the classroom. The iPads were then donated to 3 local schools (including one mountain school with only 6 students) for students to utilize in 1st through 6th grades. The iPads will allow both teachers and students to customize lesson plans, as all students are in the same classroom with only one teacher. When the group came to one of the schools for the drop-off, almost all the students knew exactly what the iPads were! They couldn’t wait to switch the language to Spanish and download new applications.

Here at Opportunity Services, we are proud to recycle technology and give back to those in need. We hope to continue to impact the lives of others, not only those we serve on a daily basis, but those of the world.