Jacksonville, Florida Client Success Story

Thomas, and Crooms
OS Job Coach, Rashawn Thomas with OS client, Loretta

Loretta began her journey with the Jacksonville, Florida Opportunity Services Office in October of 2013. During her initial meeting with Job Coach Rashawn Thomas, Loretta explained that she wanted to find a job where she felt like she could be successful without constant changes and strain on her body. Because of her Fibromyalgia, she was not able to work comfortably in a hospital setting due to the constant moving and stress.

After explaining to her that OS understood her needs, Loretta, Rashawn and Mandy Barnes, Sales and Marketing Manager, worked together as Loretta applied to be a Registered Nurse at several companies in the area. After a few months working with OS, Loretta gained an interview. Her job coach worked with her to develop interviewing skills and helped her get the job, the highest paid employment opportunity in Florida to date! After the hire, Rashawn helped Loretta complete her New Hire paperwork and attended the New Hire Orientation together. During that time Loretta expressed her gratitude for being supported by her job coach each step of the way.

As Loretta continued at her new job, her job coach worked with her to be as successful as possible, even teaching her how to use Microsoft Outlook, so she would be a little more comfortable with the computer systems at work. Loretta is still learning at her job and is appreciate of the training both Opportunity Services, and Sunshine Health Plan has provided. As a celebration, Loretta, Mandy, and Rashawn went out to lunch during her break one day and they had the opportunity to thank Loretta for Putting Pride to Work! Loretta said “Thank you for your help, and letting me express myself.” Her job coach replied, “it has been a pleasure working with you, and thank you for letting me help you to be as successful as possible!” Loretta is proof that if everyone works together, great things can be accomplished.