Jo Marie’s story: finding a new job on her own

Meet Jo Marie, an individual in St. Cloud, Minnesota who worked at the Best Western Kelly Inn for 5 years and recently found a new job at the St. Cloud Hospital. Jo Marie worked in the Laundry Department at the Kelly Inn sorting dirty laundry as well as folding and sorting clean laundry. After 5 years of working there independently, she decided it was time for a change. Jo Marie saw a Laundry Attendant position for St. Cloud Hospital online and decided to apply. She had applied to the hospital years before, but now she had over 5 years of experience under her belt!

Jo Marie applied for the position on a whim- not thinking she would get it. They were quick to call her back and schedule both a video interview and in-person interview. After acing the interviews- Jo Marie got the job! “It was quite nerve-wracking doing the whole application and interview process by myself,” said Jo Marie. “But I did it and then got the job within a few days of my last interview!”

Jo Marie initially worked from 6:30am-3pm 2-3 days a week at the hospital in the Laundry Department. It wasn’t quite the best fit for her with the bus schedule, so she spoke with her boss who agreed to change her hours to 8am-3pm. Jo Marie and her boss at the St. Cloud Hospital get along really well, they even go to the same church! Jo Marie has a lot to remember: there are multiple machines to wash, fold and iron the clothes. In addition to knowing how to run each machine, Jo Marie also has to remember where all the clean items go. She sometimes has to go floor-to-floor stocking the gowns, shower curtains, operating room scrubs, blankets, pillowcases, fitted sheets and more. It’s a lot to learn! Luckily, the St. Cloud Hospital utilizes an iPad to help restock the carts, so that makes the process a bit easier. Jo Marie really enjoys her job at the hospital. She likes the variety, her co-workers, her boss and the big laundry room space. She is especially happy to work on the “clean” side of the laundry room!

Jodi Steinhofer is Jo Marie’s job coach from Opportunity Services: “I am extremely proud of Jo Marie! She went out on her own to find a new job and has overcome any struggle in her way. Every time I visit Jo Marie, her co-workers always share what a good job she does and how much they value her on the team.” Jo Marie took it upon herself to find a new employment opportunity and truly demonstrated her independence through every step of this journey. Congratulations on your new job, Jo Marie- the sky is the limit for you!