Life Time Fitness Success in Coon Rapids, Minnesota

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An Opportunity Services work team from Coon Rapids, Minnesota has been working at Life Time Fitness for nearly 12 years! The six-person work team is on-site at Life Time every day of the week for three hours. The team is responsible for wiping down the exercise machines and cleaning public areas, such as the break room. The work team comprised of Dusty, Alex, Chris, Schilynn, Keith and Mercy, along with their Opportunity Services job coach, Jada enjoy their time at Life Time Fitness! Keith (pictured above center) is known as the leader of the OS work team because he’s always helping new members of the team adjust or answering questions on the job. He has been working at Life Time Fitness since 2003! Alex, another member of the Opportunity Services work team even purchased a membership with his family so he could visit there every day of the week!

“The Opportunity Services work team always gets the job done with a smile! We appreciate our partnership with Opportunity Services and are grateful to have such a dedicated and consistent group of individuals,” said Scott Zappa, General Manager of Life Time Fitness. “We’ve received many positive remarks from Life Time members because they’ve gotten to know the OS team over the years and enjoy seeing them everyday.”

The partnership between Opportunity Services and Life Time Fitness is a great example of a fulfilled business need. Life Time Fitness can rely on the Opportunity Services work team to provide great service on the job everyday!