Meet Candy, the best greeter at CB3 Restaurant

Meet Candy, a greeter at CB3 Restaurant in downtown Rochester, MN. Candy’s been successfully on-the-job for 6 months now. Greeting may seem like a simple job, but it’s much more than that! Candy seats guests, folds napkins, rolls silverware, takes to go orders and assists the servers throughout the restaurant. Her smile and bright attitude are the first things the customer sees when they come through the door!

Candy started working with Opportunity Services in 2016. She started her employment journey with two seasonal positions, one at Kohl’s during the holiday rush and one at H&R Block during tax season. Candy was glad to be employed, but felt the jobs weren’t the best fit for her. Betty Lamecker, Supervisor of Supported Employment at Opportunity Services, has seen Candy’s entire employment journey firsthand. “Candy’s had tremendous growth through this process. She’s had quite the journey figuring out her employment likes and dislikes, but now she is on the road to success. She’s a pleasure to work with and I am extremely proud of how far she’s come.”

Candy truly enjoys working at CB3 because of the healthy work environment. Her co-workers welcome everyone and she’s able to leave her work at work at the end of the day. Candy has nothing but positive things to say about her manager, Ray Roberts. He has been a huge support on-the-job and is always willing to try new things to accommodate Candy if needed. “I’ve worked hard to plant the seeds of acceptance in this restaurant. It’s been fun watching those ideas grow and to see the new culture thriving here,” says Ray. “I hope to create an atmosphere that can give others employment opportunities as well.”

In her free time when she’s not at CB3, Candy is teaching herself how to crochet. She’s also trying to have her cat certified as a therapy animal so she can help others. We are thrilled to see Candy’s continued success at CB3 after her employment journey!