Meet Catherine: well on her way to independent employment

Catherine’s story is a great example of an individual’s growth with Opportunity Services! Catherine started working with OS in 2015 and participated on┬ávarious work teams including Kasson Schools, Comfort Inn and TJ Maxx. She used her time on the work teams in the Southeastern, MN area to build the needed skills to hold an independent job.

After gaining needed work skills, Catherine felt ready to start the process of finding her own job. Since she’s her own guardian, she chose to participate in a discovery process and then worked with Laurie Ackerman, Director of Business Development, to identify employers and apply for jobs.

After a few job applications, Catherine got a job at Hotel Apache. She started off stripping linens and taking out trash, now she’s added making beds to her responsibilities each day. To gain even more independence, Catherine started utilizing Rolling Hills Transit for integrated transportation to and from work. Currently she’s visited by an Opportunity Services job coach every day that splits their time between scattered sites at TJ Maxx and Hotel Apache.

In the future, Hotel Apache would like Catherine to work 5 days a week, instead of 4, once a renovation is completed at the hotel. Moving to 5 days a week would enable Catherine to work with Supported Employment, making her completely independent on-the-job.

Congratulations on your employment journey, Catherine! We are proud of how far you’ve come and look forward to your continued success in the future.