Meet Chelsea: celebrating one-year at US Bank!

Meet Chelsea, an individual working independently at US Bank. On December 4th, 2018, she celebrated her one-year employment anniversary there! Chelsea works fulltime in a Benefit Position, collecting and distributing mail throughout the entire company. She also runs the postage machine, organizes UPS shipments and certified mail among other tasks. She’s quite busy on-the-job!

Chelsea started working with Opportunity Services in 2012 when she graduated from the Project SEARCH program at Medtronic. Project SREACH is a professional internship program for students with disabilities. It is a wonderful way for students to test various jobs in a professional setting. Following her graduation, Chelsea took a part-time job at Roseville Chrysler where she filed receipts and documents for new and used vehicles. At the same time, she also held a part-time job at Byerly’s bagging groceries and helping customers. When Chelsea turned 26 years-old, she decided it was time to find a full-time job in order to have her own medical and dental insurance. She saw an ad for the US Bank position on Indeed and decided to apply on her own!

At first, Chelsea kept the part-time job at Byerly’s until she was 100% sure she liked US Bank. “It was hard for me to transition from part-time shifts to full-time shifts at first. It’s very different working four hours at a time versus eight!” said Chelsea. “Now that I’ve gotten used to it, I truly love my job at US Bank.” Chelsea enjoys her co-workers and the fact that her job has a lot of variety: no two days are the same.

Samantha Perron is Chelsea’s Opportunity Services job coach and has nothing but wonderful things to say about her! “It has been amazing to watch Chelsea grow over the last year! When I started working with her she was employed part-time for twelve hours per week. I am so proud to see her celebrate a year of working in a full-time benefit position with US Bank– what an achievement! This is a position that Chelsea secured on her own, and she remains dedicated to her work and strives to perform her best each day. I really enjoy working with Chelsea and cannot wait to see what’s in store for her future!”Chelsea has appreciated working with Opportunity Services as well over the years: “I enjoy having a job coach. They are always there for me if I have questions and help me to advocate for myself,” said Chelsea.

Everyone at Opportunity Services is very impressed with Chelsea’s dedication and hard work over the years. We know she’s got a bright future ahead– congratulations on your employment anniversary, Chelsea!