Meet Emily, a successful Project SEARCH graduate

Meet Emily, a Project SEARCH Graduate and a housekeeper at The Fairfield Inn located in Rochester, MN. Emily graduated from Project SEARCH in June 2017. Project SEARCH is a professional internship program for students with disabilities that takes place during their last year of transition. It is a wonderful way for students to try various jobs in a professional setting. Opportunity Services Employment Specialists work hands-on with the students during their internship and prepare each individual to find a job following graduation, either at their internship location or elsewhere in the community.

Emily had the opportunity to participate in Project SEARCH at the Mayo Clinic in three different rotations: Health Science Research, Media Support Services and Central Services. Her internship responsibilities included data entry, as well as cleaning, disinfecting and stocking patient care equipment. Emily did have some work experience in high school, but had never held a job in the community before participating in Project SEARCH.

When she graduated from Project SEARCH, Emily worked with Laurie Ackerman, Director of Business Development at Opportunity Services, to apply to various jobs in the Rochester area. Once she landed the housekeeping job, Emily started meeting with Betty Lamecker, Regional Manager of Supported Employment, who now functions as her job coach to assist with new tasks or any issues on-the-job.

Emily truly enjoys her job as a housekeeper at The Fairfield Inn where she cleans guest rooms. She is quick to share how friendly her co-workers are and how they are always willing to assist her if she doesn’t understand a task. “I like to clean and organize so the guests feel welcome at The Fairfield Inn,” said Emily. “I want to work so that my parents are proud of me and to make money to pay my own bills.”

Congratulations on your success, Emily! Everyone at Opportunity Services is thrilled to see you thriving at your job at The Fairfield Inn- keep up the good work!