Meet James, a NDEAM success in Jacksonville, FL


James is a 26-year-old Opportunity Services client in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently James is a Food Service Worker with Sodexo and works at the Mayo Clinic. He has been successfully working part-time for over 3 months now. James values his job at the Mayo: where he prepares food and stocks coolers 3 times a day. He is taking on more and more responsibility, as he becomes more confident on-the-job.

James has always wanted to work in the food service industry for as long as he can remember! In January, James graduated from the Hyatt Regency Hands On Hospitality Training where he learned skills around safe food handling, dish washing and other various food service tasks. He then started collaborating with Carrie Haines, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist Supervisor, to find employment. Carrie helped James connect with Sodexo Human Resources at a job fair and after only one interview- James was hired! “James is a hard worker and is doing an amazing job working on his own!” said Carrie Haines. “I am so proud of him and happy he reached his employment goal.” Eventually James would like to become a grill chef, but for now this opportunity at Sodexo is a great resume builder!

James will be the first extended services client of Opportunity Services in Jacksonville. Following his initial 90 days on-the-job, Opportunity Services will continue to provide job-coaching services to ensure retention and success. Opportunity Services is looking forward to assisting James on the road to success!