Meet Jody: jack-of-all-trades at Walmart in St. Cloud, MN

Meet Jody, a 28-year-old in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Jody’s first job was with the Opportunity Services Holiday Inn work team in 2011. She spent her time on the team learning housekeeping skills. While it was a good experience and she gained many work skills, Jody decided working at hotel wasn’t the right fit for her. In addition to the Holiday Inn work team, Jody also worked on an Opportunity Services work team at Savers Thrift Store. Savers was much more fun because Jody could interact with customers at the store. The work team spent most of their time cleaning the store, which set her up perfectly for her current job at Walmart.

After some time on the work teams, Jody felt ready to find her own job. “It was a good experience to be on the Opportunity Services work teams, but I knew it was time for me to work independently,” said Jody. She met with an Employment Specialist at Opportunity Services and together they applied for jobs. Jody was excited when she found out she got a job at Walmart! She started out at in the maintenance department, cleaning throughout the store. Then Jody moved into clothing, where she would process new merchandise, fold clothes and assist with freight. She also started working in jewelry, processing new merchandise and learning the skills to change watch batteries, bands and links. As if that’s not enough– Jody also can run the cash register. She’s truly a jack-of-all-trades at Walmart!

Jody loves working at Walmart because of the interactive and social environment. Her favorite part about the job is helping customers at the jewelry counter. Jody lives very close to Walmart and rides the bus to and from work. Eventually she would like to work towards getting her driver’s license. Jody is going through a lot of change in her personal life, as her husband passed away last fall. She is trying to get used to this new normal of living on her own. “Jody has such an upbeat attitude and is able to make the best out of any situation. I’ve been so impressed with her positive personality and sense of humor, especially with the changes going on in her personal life,” said Jodi Steinhofer, Jody’s Opportunity Services job coach.

When asked where she would like to be in five years, Jody said she would still like to be working in Walmart. With her open mind and positive attitude, the sky is the limit for Jody at Walmart and beyond!