Meet Josh: Celebrating 5 Years at Best Buy!


Meet Josh: An independent employment client who is celebrating 5 years at Best Buy! After wrapping up high school, Josh became a participant of Project SEARCH, a year-long high school transition program that immerses participants into an assortment of classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands-on training through work-site rotations. Through the Project SEARCH program, Josh worked at Medtronic, mainly in their Energy and Component Center in Brooklyn Center, MN. Following their internship, Opportunity Service works with the graduates of Project SEARCH to ensure they achieve competitive employment. After his time at Medtronic, Josh’s job coach coordinated visits to various job sites and after visiting Best Buy; Josh decided that he wanted to work in the warehouse.

His job duties include stocking the warehouse with electronics being delivered to the store, as well as assisting in any other projects and tasks that arise within the warehouse. He enjoys stocking the shelves and managing inventory as well. When he isn’t executing his tasks in the warehouse, he likes to visit the retail floor and assist customers, by showing them where product is located throughout the store. Based on the remarks from his team, it is clear that he has become an asset to the Best Buy team.

“Josh is a really hardworking individual. He is always consistent in his work and he is always smiling,” his co-worker Kevin Fitzpatrick shared. Josh considers Kevin his mentor; as he has worked at Best Buy 2 years longer than Josh. “He is one of those people who are always recognized as an MVP on our staff. He’s very knowledgeable and always brings positivity and energy to the store,” added Joe B., the Coon Rapids Best Buy General Manager.

“There has not been one day that I have visited Josh and he has been in anything but a great mood. Josh is such a positive person and has a contagious smile. He brings a positive attitude to work every day and with his team. If I had to describe Josh in 5 words I would have to say he is positive, caring, hardworking, dedicated, and funny,” said Mallory Lund, an employment specialist at Opportunity Services who is Josh’s job coach. As Josh’s job coach, Mallory checks in at the job site with Josh 2 times a month to ensure everything is going well. For over 8 months of check-ins, Mallory has heard nothing but great things from Josh and the Best Buy team.

When he isn’t hard at work at Best Buy, Josh is an active participant in the Special Olympics where he participates on a variety of teams. Additionally, he enjoys using Facebook and texting to stay in touch with his family and friends. Congratulations on 5 years, Josh!