Meet Paula: one of the best cashiers at Kmart!


Meet Paula, an Opportunity Services Client in Rochester, MN who’s been working at a local Kmart for almost 12 years. Paula started working with Opportunity Services through the Extended Employment Grant, where clients can receive long-term counseling and guidance on the job. Lisa Lundquist is Paula’s Employment Specialist. Lisa is constantly impressed with Paula’s amazing customer service skills on the job as a part-time cashier. Lisa does assist Paula with Kmart Trainings on the computer and adjusting her work schedule, but other than that- Paula can handle the job on her own! “Paula is extremely talented and reliable. She is always at work when she needs to be to ensure the customers have quality service. I admire her ability to overcome any obstacle and maintain such a high level of success on the job.”

Paula has already received two compliments from anonymous Kmart customers in the last month alone. These customers mentioned that Paula was extremely caring and efficient on the job. Jan Denis, Manager at Kmart echoes those statements: “Paula is one of our best cashiers. She’s great with customers and always goes above and beyond to make their experience wonderful every single time. She’s also great at every other aspect of her job and her cashier drawer is always accurate.” Paula’s motto is to treat customers the way she would like to be treated. She truly enjoys meeting customers and getting to know her co-workers. “The best thing about this job is seeing customers visit again and again. I look forward to sharing a conversation and helping them move forward with their busy day.” Paula is one of three Opportunity Services clients working at the Rochester Kmart. The entire store has been extremely welcoming to people with disabilities and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Kmart in Rochester for years to come!