Meet Ramon: a Springfield, Massachusetts Employment Success!


Meet Ramon, a 35 year-old Opportunity Services client in Springfield, Massachusetts. Ramon is originally from Puerto Rico but has spent the last 23 years as a Springfield resident. Ramon currently works at Landmark Senior Living Communities, a local assisted living facility where he is a dishwasher and also serves food to the residents. Ramon has been on the job for about two months now, but really enjoys getting to know the residents. Previously Ramon worked at the YMCA and Savers, but he position was eventually eliminated and he turned to Opportunity Services for help! Kat Mangiafico, Supervisor of Supported Employment started working with Ramon and was very impressed with his kind heart and hardworking attitude! “Ramon is an awesome human being- he is honest, thankful and has amazing energy,” said Kat. “I truly look forward to working with Ramon and helping him find employment success.”

Ramon echoes Kat’s positivity: “Opportunity Services has helped me a lot. I love working with Kat and appreciate all that she has done for me.” Congratulations on your employment success, Ramon- your story is why Opportunity Services continues to help adults with disabilities find employment in the community.