Mission, Vision, Values Award Winner: Darlene Free


Congratulations to our Mission, Vision, Values Quarter Two Award Winner from Florida and Massachusetts: Darlene Free! Here is Darlene’s MVV nomination from Pat Schuyler, the mother of a current Opportunity Services client: “I have to say Darlene has went way out of her way to help my son on the job. He is deaf and it is limited to what he can do, but Darlene has worked hard and now he has a job at the Westin Resort in Cape Coral, Florida. I think we all are lucky to have Darlene on our side!”

 How long have you been working at Opportunity Services?
I have worked at Opportunity Services for 3 years.

Have you held other jobs at Opportunity Services besides your current position?
No, although I have been in ratio whenever needed when we were doing Adult Day Training. Those were like bonus days for me- so fun!

What other companies/ jobs have you worked at in the past?
I was a teacher for 7 years. I taught grades 1-4. Before that, I did mostly serving at restaurants and office work.

Why do you work for Opportunity Services?
Working for OS has been the most rewarding job I have ever had.   I love working with people that want so badly to work. Seeing them on the job and successful fills my heart with gladness.

What five words best describe you?
Compassionate, honest, considerate, generous and loyal

Why do you work in the disability field? Did you always know you wanted to work with disabled individuals?
I loved working with the ESE students (Exceptional Students Education Program) when I was a teacher, but I actually stumbled upon this job after I got laid off from teaching. What was devastating news at the time turned out to be one of the luckiest days of my life!

What’s your favorite thing about Opportunity Services?
Seeing the clients succeed, and working with some great people.

What would you say to someone that doesn’t believe people with disabilities can function as a member of society?
I’d say give them a chance. The clients themselves will change your mind about that.

What do you like to do for fun in your free time?
I love to travel inside and outside the US. I especially love Alaska.