MVV Quarter One Winner: Rachael

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Congratulations to our Mission, Vision, Values Quarter One Award Winner from Goodhue/Dodge/Olmsted Counties in Minnesota: Rachael Stenzel! We will be highlighting the MVV winners throughout the year so we can get to know these amazing representatives of our organization!

How long have you been working at Opportunity Services?
11 years!

Have you held other jobs at Opportunity Services besides your current position?
I have always worked within DT&H services and have worked a little bit of everywhere. I have worked in CLP, CWP and ENH with Opportunity Services. I have also helped out at other sites including: Red Wing, Shakopee and Woodbury.   Currently I work with a 1:1 in Rochester and also assist with training new hires as an OS Learning Coach.

Why do you work for Opportunity Services?
From day one I enjoyed being with the clients.

Why do you work in the disability field? Did you always know you wanted to work with disabled individuals?
I started by cleaning floors on weekends with Julie Splittstoesser. She asked if I would be willing to work at OS because there was an opening. I said yes, I would give it a shot. That is how I got in this field. I always wanted to help people but I don’t know how I would. So no didn’t always know that I would work with disabled individuals. But I am so glad I do!

What’s your favorite thing about Opportunity Services?
When a client smiles and/or is excited to come to work and see others.

Do you have any clients that have changed your perspective about people with disabilities?
When I first started, they all changed my perspective. Because they all had different personalities but truly are not different from anyone else.

Do you have any advice for other employees at Opportunity Services?
If you are having a bad day, we all know how hard it is to not bring it to work, but go find a client or two or three that make you smile or that smile for you. Just find something positive to help clear your mind!

What do you like to do for fun in your free time?
In the summer I coach/play co-ed softball and I’m also a captain of a Relay for Life team for American Cancer Society. My boyfriend Chad and I also love going on little trips to Duluth, Wisconsin Dells for a good old road trip! In the winter, we try to go snowmobiling when we have enough snow to actually go. We also have a dog named Corona who is 10 years old and thinks she is a circus dog. She has a funny personality! I also love making crafts for everything, taking pictures, and doing projects with pictures like making movies and scrapbooks. I also like party/event planning.