Announcing the Mission, Vision, Values Annual Winner of 2015



Congratulations to our Mission, Vision, Values Annual Winner for 2015: Carrie Haines! Carrie is the Manager of Florida Services in Jacksonville, Florida. She oversees all three Opportunity Services locations in Florida and ensures teamwork and collaboration between all staff members. She’s been with Opportunity Services for over 3 years. She was hired on as an Employment Specialist Supervisor in January 2013 and then promoted to Manager of Florida Services in October 2015. Carrie’s Mission, Vision, Values Nomination came from a client: “I met with Carrie Haines, from Opportunity Services, yesterday afternoon.  I must say I was very impressed with Carrie and her organization and she has also agreed to be my job coach.  We met for over an hour and I felt like she and I connected.  She is very bright, intelligent… You have such positive energy and you certainly demonstrate that you are vested in your company’s objectives and assisting people like myself.  I am truly looking forward to meeting with you again and now have hope that I can find viable employment with your help.”

The Opportunity Services Florida team is stronger than ever before, thanks to Carrie’s leadership. She works diligently to create communication between the sites, ensuring everyone gets to know each other. Carrie has been instrumental establishing fruitful relationships with Vocational Rehabilitation and collaborating with the team to re-invent our services due to continuous legislative changes. “Carrie’s management skills have been extremely valuable to Opportunity Services as we continue to grow in Florida,” states Nancy Gurney, Opportunity Services President. “Carrie has proven herself to not only be a great leader in our organization but a true advocate for our clients as well.” Carrie’s ability to lead and advocate for clients is a perfect example of the Mission, Vision and Values of Opportunity Services at work!

Carrie was very surprised by this award and had no idea she was going to be the recipient! “I truly enjoy working at Opportunity Services- working in this field is rewarding and knowing each day is going to be different than the last is exciting for me,” says Carrie. “Receiving this Mission, Vision, Values Award was an honor, since I come to work every day to a job that I love.” Congratulations on your Mission, Vision, Values Award, Carrie! Everyone at Opportunity Services looks forward to collaborating with you and contributing to your on-going success.