Opportunity Services Welcomes Gary Klein to the Board of Directors


Opportunity Services Names Gary Klein to the Board of Directors

ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA (February 25, 2015)– Opportunity Services, a nonprofit organization that helps disabled adults find meaningful employment, has named a new board member from Rochester, Minnesota. Gary Klein joins the board after seeing firsthand how Opportunity Services has changed the life of his daughter, Sarah. Sarah was one of the first clients to join Opportunity Services in Rochester when the program began in 2009.

Immediately when the Opportunity Services location opened in Rochester, Gary and his wife Candy, who works for Mayo Clinic in Health Science Research, enrolled their daughter Sarah in the program. “Sarah just blossomed at Opportunity Services,” said Gary. “The transformation was incredible! She was finally able to show her true abilities because of the way Opportunity Services worked with her. They found different approaches to keep her jobs challenging and to continue to grow her life skills year after year.” Sarah works much harder at Opportunity Services than she did before and she is no longer bored on the job! Sarah, now 29 years old, is an extremely outgoing and friendly individual. She is finally passionate about her employment opportunities at the Comfort Inn and Suites and the Dorothy Day House and continues to impress Opportunity Services job coaches on the job.

Gary has been an active member in the Rochester jewelry community since 1983. He currently works for Rochester Lapidary Jewelers, where he sells, designs and appraises jewelry. Previously, he received a degree in Mass Communications from St. Cloud State University and worked for various media outlets in Rochester including KROC and KWEB. This is his first opportunity to serve on a board of directors for a nonprofit organization.

“Gary is a valuable addition to the board of directors,” remarked Nancy Gurney, Opportunity Services President. “Because Opportunity Services has positively impacted the life of his daughter, he is the perfect advocate for our services in the Rochester community and beyond.”

Opportunity Services has maintained a variety of business partnerships in the Rochester area including collaborations with the Comfort Inn and Suites, Walmart, Olmsted County Parks, Taher, TJ Maxx, Dorothy Day House, Olmsted County Fair, Channel One Food Bank and more.