OS Work Team at Culver’s in Plymouth, MN, Josh gets special compliment from a customer!


The Opportunity Services work team at Culver’s in Plymouth, Minnesota love coming to work every day! The five OS clients that work at Culver’s spend time cleaning the restaurant, bringing food out to guests and stocking condiments and other supplies five days a week. The clients stay very busy during their shifts at the restaurant and enjoy meeting the guests and getting to know the other Culver’s team members.


One of the OS clients, Josh (pictured above left) received a special compliment from a guest last week. “The team member who brought out my order was extremely courteous and personable…He wished me a pleasant day and lunch. He was so pleasant I left the restaurant smiling. The service he provided was outstanding and he deserves recognition for a job well done.” Josh has worked at Culver’s for over four years. He is an expert about the restaurant and shares his knowledge with new OS clients. He genuinely welcomes everyone who comes into Culver’s and puts a smile on the faces of guests when he delivers their food. Josh has made a big difference to the Plymouth Culver’s staff and the OS work team.

Thanks for your hard work, Josh! Your dedication and passion for your job does not go unnoticed in the community.