Quarter Two Mission, Vision, Values Winner: Jessica Mealy



Congratulations to our first Mission, Vision, Values Quarter Two Award Winner in DT&H: Jessica Mealy! Jessica is a member of the DT&H Team in Kasson, MN. We will be highlighting the MVV winners in monthly newsletters and Shared Stories throughout the year so we can get to know these amazing representatives of our organization! Learn more about Jessica through our interview with her below.


How long have you been working at Opportunity Services? For a little over 6 months

Why do you work for Opportunity Services?  I wanted to work somewhere that was more than just a job. I wanted to feel like I was giving back, doing something positive.

What five words best describe you? Positive, Dorky, Confident, Hard Working and Me

Why do you work in the disability field? Did you always know you wanted to work with disabled individuals? It is such a rewarding field. I never knew I wanted to work in this field. When I started, I was unsure the first few days. My husband told me to stick with it and see how I feel after a month. I am very grateful for that because I love coming to work and seeing all my clients and coworkers.

Do you have any personal connection to disabilities? Very little, when I was in high school, I babysat an autistic toddler. Then I helped out with some classmates who had disabilities. I enjoy helping out others and making them feel accepted.  

Why are you deserving of this MVV award?  I feel like I am just doing my job. It was a huge surprise to be awarded the MVV! I just try to help out whenever possible, take some of the stress off of others.

What’s your favorite thing about Opportunity Services?  The Clients, isn’t that why anyone works here? Hearing a client sing on the way into work, or a seeing a stubborn client smile. Getting them to laugh and really be themselves is why I love it here.

Do you have any clients that have changed your perspective about people with disabilities? All of them have changed me, not necessarily toward disabled people but people in general. No one can be judged by looks and everyone has a story.

What would you say to someone that doesn’t believe people with disabilities can function as a member of society? Why Not? They are the same as everyone else. It may take someone a little longer to do something, or communicate a little different. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t belong.

Do you have any advice for other employees at Opportunity Services? Keep it up. Some days can be rough but a positive attitude goes a long way. It helps fellow co-workers and clients.

What do you like to do for fun in your free time? When I am not at work, I am a mother of 2 and a wife. My husband and I have a wonderful 5 year old boy, and a 20 month old daughter. Between them and our two large dogs, we stay on our toes.