Rochester, MN Client Finds Employment Success at Noodles and Company

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Meet Gabriel, a 33 year-old Opportunity Services client working at Noodles and Company in Rochester, Minnesota. Gabriel is on the road to success now that he has maintained employment at Noodles since last October! Currently he works 5 days a week for 30 hours as a busser and dishwasher. He truly enjoys his job at Noodles because he gets to interact with customers every day. “Gabriel is an asset to our restaurant,” states Gidget King, Noodles and Company Store Manager. “We love having him here because he is upbeat, friendly and always willing to help out wherever needed.” Gidget actually called Opportunity Services last fall when a position opened at her restaurant. Another OS client had worked at Noodles, but was moving away, so Gidget knew where to find a passionate and dedicated employee: Opportunity Services! “I enjoy working with Opportunity Services because they have found amazing employees for Noodles and Company! We couldn’t be more pleased with Gabriel and how he is doing on the job!” The entire team at Noodles has been extremely welcoming to Gabriel. When he works late-night shifts, his co-workers willingly step up to the plate to offer him a ride home!

Gabriel has a reason to be proud of his success. About three years ago, Gabriel was homeless, trying to find a safe place to live and maintain steady employment. He started working with Zumbro Valley Health Center, where they helped him move into a subsidized apartment. The only missing piece was steady employment until Opportunity Services came into the picture! Looking forward, Gabriel would like to go back to school and continue to build his skills with English, since it is his second language. He enjoys being employed and will continue to grow into his career at Noodles and Company. Congratulations on your success, Gabriel!