Rockstar Clients in St. Cloud, MN!

Theresa Sandy

Meet Theresa and Sandy, two Opportunity Services clients who have Quantum Leaped to independent employment at Ridgeview Place Senior Living in Sauk Rapids, MN. Both Theresa and Sandy were members of Opportunity Services work teams for several years, where they learned the skills needed to maintain an independent job. Luckily, they both ended up at Ridgeview Place Senior Living in February and they couldn’t be happier!

Ridgeview Place Senior Living is an assisted living and enhanced memory care community under the umbrella of their parent company: Tealwood Senior Living. Their cutting edge programs and services along with the training and development of their team members really sets Tealwood and Ridgeview apart from other senior living communities. That’s what makes it the perfect place for Opportunity Services clients to grow and flourish! “We love having Theresa and Sandy here every day, “comments Amy Comstock, Executive Director of Ridgeview Place Senior Living. “I’ve worked with Opportunity Services clients in the past and wanted to bring that energy and excitement to our community. It’s wonderful that both Theresa and Sandy have independent jobs here while fulfilling our business need.”

Theresa and Sandy have independent jobs through a Group Supported Employment Program with Opportunity Services. At first an Opportunity Services job coach was with them every day on the job to assist with their tasks, including many computer and HIPPA trainings but once they were comfortable, they were on their own! Everyday Theresa and Sandy maintain the housekeeping for the entire building at Ridgeview Place Senior Living. A typical day for these employees includes cleaning rooms and community areas. Both Theresa and Sandy love getting to know the tenants in assisted living and the residents in the enhanced memory care unit. They have many favorite residents, including those who sing and joke with them, along with the residents who always greet them by name!

Both Theresa and Sandy are happy with their employment success! “I am very proud of myself,” says Theresa. “I’ve come along way to working independently now. I’m happy of how I keep moving forward.” You wouldn’t guess it if you met her, but Theresa used to never leave her group home. She didn’t enjoy going out in the community, but now she is a social butterfly! Working on the Opportunity Services team and now in her own independent job, has increased her confidence in the community. She regularly goes to local coffee shops and Barnes & Noble to use their Wi-Fi and get to know other community members. Sandy is also proud of her new found independence at Ridgeview Senior Living. “I’m impressed with how I handled our computer trainings,” says Sandy. “I got through it!” Thanks to Ridgeview Place Senior Living for collaborating with Opportunity Services, Theresa and Sandy have found independent jobs and gained freedom in several areas of their life!