Samantha’s Success in Red Wing, MN

Meet Samantha, an individual in Red Wing, Minnesota who is successfully employed at Speedway gas station. Samantha does janitorial work at Speedway 3 days a week. You can find her cleaning the store, stocking shelves and labeling new products throughout her shifts. Samantha is coming up on her one-year anniversary at Speedway later this month.

Samantha absolutely loves her job at Speedway. She works there with her boyfriend– they both have the same job but on different days throughout the week! She likes her co-workers and considers most of them family. Samantha is a very active person, so going to work gives her something to look forward to. Samantha walks or takes Dial-A-Ride to and from Speedway, and since starting work she’s become even more independent out in the community.

Samantha started her employment experience with a different organization, but after 5 years she decided she was ready for her own independent job. She came to OS as a Vocational Rehabilitation referral after she already had the job at Speedway. Linda Short, Opportunity Services Employment Specialist, functions as her job coach and supports Samantha with work related issues such as scheduling, training and more. “Samantha is a star! She is super positive and a pleasure to work with,” said Linda. “She comes to me when she needs help or needs to vent about life. She is always on track with her job- no matter what- and never misses work!”

Samantha’s job at Speedway has been the catalyst for even more independence. She now has the ability to have up to 6 hours of alone time in the community as well as overnight visits. Because of her growing confidence, she’s able to do more things for herself, like going to church, playing sports, rollerblading and more. In the near future, Samantha hopes to find a volunteer opportunity to give back to a local nonprofit during her days off throughout the week.

Everyone at Opportunity Services is proud of Samantha’s success- she is a Rockstar both on and off the job!