Success in Jacksonville, FL!

James recently returned to OS and enlisted the help of the Jacksonville team in his search to broaden his career opportunities. The team in Jacksonville worked with James and helped him secure a position at Trad’s Garden Center. At Trad’s, James is tasked with removing weeds from the plants, maintaining the cleanliness of the sales area, and with organizing and straightening the plants and flowers, among other duties. The supervisor at Trad’s has had nothing but glowing remarks about James and has stated that James shows up on time for every single shift, works hard, and gets along well with his co-workers. Opportunity Services is excited to work side by side with James as he furthers his career at Trad’s.

The OS team in Jacksonville put together this helpful sheet (pictured top) to assist James with his daily duties. The sheet has pictures of each area of Trad’s Garden Center. At the beginning of his shift James takes a look at the sheet which helps remind him which area he’s already worked on that week and which area still needs to be addressed. The sheet is laminated and OS provided James with a dry erase marker. At the end of each shift James checks off the area he worked on that day which helps him identify the areas he needs to focus on when he clocks on for his next shift.

The OS team also put together these helpful notes (pictured above bottom) and attached them to a lanyard, which James remembers to grab from his locker and wear each shift. The green side provides James with the steps he should take at the beginning of his shift while the orange side provides steps for the end of his shift. The notes have been a great help in allowing James to become more comfortable with his job duties and expectations.