Success is success no matter how big or how small!

Peter PeterPainting

Peter is a 23 year-old client in the Opportunity Services Enhanced Behavioral Program in Blaine, Minnesota. He’s been a part of the program for over a year now, after making the transition from the Bridges School in Anoka. Peter was known to be aggressive at Bridges, so the Blaine staff was a bit apprehensive when he joined the OS program. At first the staff focused on letting Peter do his own thing to get comfortable in a new environment, this including a lot of sleeping and keeping to himself. He would not even join his peers at the lunch table at first.

Peter and Tara Olson, the Blaine Site Supervisor shared their first day at the OS program. Tara spent a lot of time getting to know Peter since he was one of her first clients. After becoming comfortable around him, Peter started to blossom at OS. “Once I got to know Peter, it was easy to communicate and understand his needs, “ said Tara. “His behavior is the opposite of what it used to be- he has completely changed his attitude after joining Opportunity Services over a year ago.” Now it’s easy to see the change in Peter over the last year- he stays awake through most of the day, engaging with other clients and staff. He will sit at the lunch table with his peers and put away his own dishes. It’s also becoming easier and easier to bring Peter on outings in the community.

Peter enjoys at variety of activities throughout the day including playing solitaire, painting and daily outings to Panera Bread, the park, McDonalds, getting the mail and visiting peers at the Coon Rapids Opportunity Services site. Peter’s success is in such a short time is an amazing feat! We are happy to see the change in Peter’s everyday life- this is the success we hope for all of our clients at Opportunity Services.