Successful Work Team at Culver’s in West St. Paul, Minnesota

KatieHCulvers CriagandKathyCulvers2 KathyH2Culvers

An Opportunity Services work team from Woodbury, Minnesota has worked at the West St. Paul Culver’s Restaurant for over seven years. The team of four individuals continues to impress Culver’s owner, Amanda Braml. Katie (pictured above right), continues to go above and beyond on the job. “Katie is doing a great job,” said Amanda “After being a part of the OS work team since January, she is now working in the busy kitchen warming hamburger buns.” Amanda hopes that Katie could one day be hired independently at Culver’s.

A former member of the OS work team is currently independently employed at Culver’s. Sarah was part of the original Opportunity Services work team at the West St. Paul Culver’s and was hired on once she gained the skills to work independently. Amanda is confident that the “quantum leap” from a work team to independent employment could happen to other members of the OS team.

Amanda enjoys having the clients around the restaurant and knows the customers appreciate them too! “We have several customers who bring in birthday presents for the clients or will ask them how they are doing on a weekly basis. It’s amazing to see the positive impact they’ve had on the customers here.” The Opportunity Services work team at Culver’s is another example of the organization’s commitment to community employment and striving to provide clients with the skills needed to become independently employed.