Supported Employment Client Scott Retires After 15 Years With Opportunity Services


Scott encompasses all of the qualities of an ideal employee: hardworking, dedicated, and excited to work. After 15 years of hard work, Scott has decided to retire. When Scott began working with Opportunity Services, he was a member of the work crew at the Garvey Commons at St. Cloud State University. As time went on, Scott was such an exceptional employee that he was able to obtain independent employment at Fitness Evolution where his main responsibility was vacuuming the tennis courts.

Scott never let his use of a wheelchair hold him back from working. Opportunity Services worked with Scott and Fitness Evolution to obtain equipment that attaches a vacuum to his wheelchair so he can complete his job tasks as needed. The device was acquired through a grant on behalf of the Vocational Rehab Services. Opportunity Services has worked with Scott one-on-one to ensure he is able to work at each shift.

“Before coming to Opportunity Services, Scott was only making $.25 an hour. He came to Opportunity Services where he was eventually able to obtain an independent job. Scott has been a huge inspiration for everyone involved,” shared Amy Buermann, Scott’s most recent job coach who has been with him for about four years.

On July 26th, Opportunity Services hosted a retirement celebration for Scott filled with fun stories, laughter, and even a few tears. Scott has absolutely loved being an independent employee! We are so grateful to have been able to work with Scott for the past 15 years and congratulate him on his retirement!