The Road to Independence: Anthony’s Journey to Success!

Meet Anthony, an employee at McNeilus in Dodge Center, MN. Because of the dedication and vision of Anthony’s team, he is well on his way to total independence, which is the hope for every individual we serve at Opportunity Services! Anthony’s story aligns with the 2018 Opportunity Services Strategic Goals of Quantum Leaping and Competitve Employment.

Step #1: Anthony graduated from his local transition program in 2009.

Step #2: Anthony joined an Opportunity Services work team where he spent time building work skills and participating in various employment opportunities. He started out making $6.50/hour.

Step #3: In 2013, Anthony and his team felt it was time for him to find independent employment. Anthony started working with the Supported Employment team and quantum leaped to his first independent and competitive job. Once Anthony moved to a job of his own, the County saves around $68.30/day.

Step #4: Because of the success at his independent job and his competitive wages, Anthony felt ready to find independent living. He now lives in his own apartment with his cat, Oliver!

Step #5: Anthony is currently working to become his own guardian. He’s completely immersed in the local community and no longer needs any employment or living services due to his success over the last 9 years. He is on his way to total independence.