The Road to Independence: Integrated Transportation in Washington County

We’ve created a new communication called The Road to Independence, to share all of the successes of the people we serve. As an organization we are always looking for ways to help individuals become more independent in the community. One of the ways to support this change is through transportation. In Washington County we now have 15 out of the 40 individuals served utilizing community transportation! Learn more below:
Step #1: Kelly Madigan, Opportunity Services Supervisor researched integrated transportation options in Washington County. She identified Metro Mobility as a potential service to utilize.
Step #2: The first group of individuals to utilize Metro Mobility were selected. The biggest challenge was communicating to guardians and teams. Many were nervous to try something new.
Step #3: Kelly facilitated all Metro Mobility paperwork as well as attended the necessary assessments and trainings with the individuals learning this new transportation. She made the process easy for the individuals and teams to understand.
Step #4: Standing orders were set for those individuals using Metro Mobility. Metro Mobility costs around $8 for a round trip.
Step #5: Positive word-of-mouth spreads throughout Opportunity Services in Washington County. The individuals utilizing Metro Mobility continue to share their experience with peers and teams.
Step #6: Sam, one of the individuals utilizing Metro Mobility, is moving to Supported Employment. Because he knows how to use community transportation, both he and his team feel he is ready for independent, competitive employment.