Meet Todd: successful at Denny’s Restaurant!

Meet Todd, he’s successful on-the-job at Denny’s Restaurant in Blaine, MN. He’s been working at Denny’s as a dishwasher since the beginning of June and loves his job! Todd really enjoys being around his co-workers and is quick to tell anyone how nice they are. Todd was part of the University of Minnesota work team where he was in “transition” working towards an independent job. Todd lives in Blaine and found commuting to and from the U was too much.┬áMike Hansel, Opportunity Services Outside Sales Manager, went door to door to local Blaine businesses to find Todd a new opportunity. Denny’s was quick to reply and were willing to meet with Todd and his job coach, Katelyn Kasper.┬áKatelyn has nothing but wonderful things to say about Todd. “He’s a very hardworker and cooperative. Todd will help with anything if you ask!” Todd is doing a great job at Denny’s and can even walk to work now- the restaurant is very close to his home. In his free time Todd likes to go on adventures and watch Celebrity Family Feud on TV. Congrats on your employment success, Todd- keep up the good work at Denny’s!