Volunteer Work Team at Channel One Food Bank

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An Opportunity Services work team from Rochester, Minnesota has volunteered at Channel One Food Bank every Monday for over 5 years. The work team consists of Matt, Anthony, Steven, Park and Tom, and Opportunity Services staff Rick Wood and Darci Heikis. These five clients truly enjoy their volunteer jobs at Channel One. Every week tasks change, but typical job duties include: bagging food, sorting groceries, labeling food and more. Most of the clients say their favorite task is sorting through Halloween candy! Tammy Musty, Repack Projects Coordinator, works with the team directly during their shift. “The Opportunity Services work team has made a great addition to Channel One. I couldn’t imagine not having them here every week- their dedication and hard work ethic makes them invaluable.” The Opportunity Services team is making a difference volunteering at Channel One! For example in last year alone, Channel One distributed nearly 10 million pounds of food to over 100,000 people in 14 counties in Southeast Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Jacob Johnson, Corporate and Individual Giving Manager at Channel One said, “The Opportunity Services work team has become an essential part of the Channel One family.”

We couldn’t be happier to join the team- thanks for inviting us to work with you, Channel One!