Fort Myers and The Dolphin Key Resort Success Story

Florida Success Story

In fall 2013, a gentleman walked into the Opportunity Services offices in Fort Myers, Florida looking for job placement assistance. During the client’s first meeting with his job coach, Darlene Free, he expressed interest in the hotel industry. Even though he is deaf, his determination surpasses many limitations. Darlene quickly informed the Sales and Marketing Manager, Mandy Barnes, of the client’s needs and strong desire to be employed. Together they worked to help him reach his goal. Darlene and Mandy took one afternoon and visited every hotel in the area surrounding the client’s home. Before heading back to the office Mandy decided to stop at one more hotel, The Dolphin Key Resort. While Mandy was speaking with the front desk attendant, the General Manager overheard and quickly interjected. He had an immediate position to fill in their onsite laundry room. The General Manager gave Mandy and Darlene a tour of the hotel while they told him all about the client and the benefits of hiring an OS employee. He was impressed enough to hire the client right on the spot! The OS client began working at The Dolphin Key Resort the following Monday, March 10th, 2014. Currently, he is doing a phenomenal job in his new role and The Dolphin Key Resort couldn’t be happier to have such a hard working and dedicated employee! This success story is proof that with enough determination anything is possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this success story or working with OS in Fort Myers, please contact Darlene Free at 239-745-5088